Modular Signage

H&S offers a modular sign ranges which are exquisite, strong and suitable for all Directory Sign Board requirements. The modular sign extrusions are produced with close tolerance. These extrusions are either anodized or painted as per the customer’s need the colour can be matched very closely to Pantone Shades. The message and Images can be digitally printed. We offer a variety of modular Signs like Ceiling Suspended, Wall Mounted, Free Standing with single and double sided options.

Modular signs are broadly divided in to flat & MCFT type signs. MCFT stands for Modular Curved Frame Technology. Modular signs can be assembled and installed with minimum or no special tools. More than 40 different Modular sign combination are possible using the post and panel system.

Modular signs are intended to catch the attention of parents, kids, students, rushing business man and women, travelers, shoppers and many others who are on the way carrying a briefcase, school bag, trolley, shopping kart, bag, pet etc… Interior Modular signs are equally important in helping the clients to discover their direction. The design and the positioning of the Modular signs must focus on the objective of comfortably visible and legible information to the public. The design and placement should ensure that within a few seconds, the viewer is able to understand the important message. H&S offers Modular signs both for interior and exterior users and offered in a variety of sizes with the flexibility to change, add panels at a later stage. We offer a range of Modular signs so that the designer has an opportunity to realize freedom of expression.

H&S offers the best Modular signs in Chennai for Corporate Identity Programs (CID), Petrol stations, Banks, IT Parks, Multiplex theatres, Shopping Malls, Industrial Parts, Retail outlets, Restaurant.