LED Video Walls

Need a display for your game day? Want to show compelling video advertisements and promotions to passersby? Does your next tour need the “Jaw dropping” factor? Choosing a H&S Displays large screen display means you’re choosing class, reliability and a display customized for you.

We provide end-to-end solutions, making it easier for client to incorporate LED video walls in their Communication/Advertisement system. Our 360° solution includes hardware, software, installation, customization, content & support.

An LED video wall, or as some people like to refer to it – LED display wall, is comprised out of a number of LED panels or tiles that have been tiled together in order to create a single large screen.

This video wall is connected to a data wall processor whose main function is to be the brain of the video wall. This processor is what enables the user to have full control over the video wall using many different feeds including HDMI, TV, games consoles, and presentations from a laptop or PC and live video camera.

Using an LED video wall can be a better alternative to using a number of large LCD screens simply because they allow for much higher contrast, higher brightness, and have absolutely no bezels. Modern video walls that use Light Emitting Diodes (LED) display are widely used in various control rooms, boardrooms, shopping centers, home cinemas and in retail environments.