LED Token Display

A common scenario in front of clinics, hospitals, medicine issuing counters, banks is people standing in long queues. These people cannot do any other activity until they are served. In order to save people from the trouble of standing in long queues, it is better to issue a token to each individual & call on turn. One can be occupied otherwise until that individual‘s token no. is displayed and announced.

In such situations Token Display System helps provide a solution in creating hassle free environment. The clients are effectively as well as efficiently served without the need of standing in a queue. Token display system helps managing Tokens and provides information to the waiting person along with announcement of token nos. in vernacular language. The essential components of token display are

Operator / Base Unit

Digital Display : 0.5” Height 7 segment LED (Bar) Digits.

No. Of Digits : 3

12 Keys Telephone Keypad to enter Token Number.

Mains Operated. 230 V.A.C., Single Phase, 50 Hz.

Rugged, compact and table mounted unit for strain free operation.

Display Unit

Digital Display : 4” Height 7 segment LED (Matrix) Digits.

No. Of Digits : 3

Sweet toned calling Bell / Multi Language Voice.

Suitable for Wall mounting / Hanging.

Elegant and sleek casing.

Option for selecting frame to your liking.

Connected to the Operator Unit by simple 2 wire 10-50 Feet cable with screw Terminals.

Communication type RS485.