LED Production Display

We offer end to end solutions for tracking production data and displaying them. Shifts, Breaks can be set, Target can be set, Real time Plan can be calculated based on TAKT / Cycle time. Actual can be measured from a Potential free contact or a Relay or Read from an Excel file.

The boards can include the following Items among many other fields.
a. Target,
b. Actual,
c. Real time Plan,
d. Gap
e. Efficiency,
f. Date / Time,
g. Cycle Time,
h. Takt,
i. Hourly Plan Vs Actual,
j. MTD and YTD Plan Vs Actual etc.

We can display any number of parameters in either a template board (Labels are printed) on in a general purpose LED board where the Labels are also displayed in the LED Display. The display data can also be downloading to a PC for reporting.

The TAKT board can also be networked with a consolidated display displaying data from all the individual board that are all over the factory. The Takt Boards can also be designed to use Jumbo display modules to increase visibility for the entire factory. The hardware can be built to any specification, from ruggedness to Water and Tamper resistance etc. like IP65.

The Boards can be driven using RS422 / RS485 or Ethernet / Wireless. The units can also be controlled remotely using a Cloud basis network. We offer Red, Red + Green or Full Color boards.

Our solution also includes the software for driving the boards with minimal human intervention. The software is written to be easy and intuitive to use.