LED Digital Clock

We manufacture Digital Clock that has Superior Performance, Excellent Brightness, Good Appearance and Long Life. All Our Clocks are well designed to support latest technologies. Digital clocks can be used in Offices, Banks, Schools, Factories and many Public Places.

Our Clock has the following features

Available in various standard Sizes.

Digital clocks with Seven Segment Display / LED Matrix.

The Display can be Indoor as well as Outdoor.

Available in Red, Green and Amber Color

Accurate Time Display.

Programmable Time format 24 Hour or 12 Hour (AM / PM).

The Display will be in Hour & Minute or Hour, Minute & Second format.

The Display can be Single Sided or Double Sided as per Customer choice.

Time updation by Keypad, Remote, PC and GPS(Automatic).

Our Clock Types

Office Digital Clock.

Office Standalone GPS Clock.

Master & Slave Clocks.

GPS Master & Slave Clocks.

Factory Digital Clock.

Control Panel Clock.

Time Zone Clock.


Type of Display : Seven Segment/ LED Matrix

Standard Size : 1”,2”,4”,6”,8”,12” and Customized

Color : Red, Amber, Green, Blue and White

Illumination Intensity : Indoor / Outdoor

Data updating : Keypad/Remote/PC/GPS Receiver

Cabinet : MS Box / Aluminum

Power Supply Rating : 240V AC, 50 Hz